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The owner of Rakovica forest resort fell in love with the beauty of the place, along with his love for hosting, creating and cooking... he decided to open this lovely place, so that visitors can enjoy a high quality hospitality with the experience of nature and simplicity.


In the farm we grow organic vegetables and fruit and every season we plant and harvest our fields.

As a gust in Rakovica you can enjoy a beautiful breakfast as well as a BBQ dinner cooked for you at the out door Gazebo.

 Farmhouse  Breakfast
Bike Rental
Private BBQ Area
& Fire Pit

Rakovica forest resort is super friendly for kids,

A big yard to explore, swings and slides! 

There is so much to do arouned or just stay and enjoy this peaceful place...

At Rakovica forest resort we put in a lot of thought to the interior design and aesthtics.

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